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Xena & Gabrielle Uber / Original Mel & Janice Palm Reader iSilo Mobi
Xena Fan Fiction, Uber and Original Fiction for PDAs
These stories are formatted for the Palm or PocketPC

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These links will download files that are formatted for the Palm or PocketPC. The ".pdb" files can only be read with a PDA Doc Reader. Click here for help. The zipped files need to be unzipped before syncing. If you have trouble downloading files, check here for help                                        
About the stories :
This site is Subtext Friendly. Most stories depict a loving relationship between two women. If this offends you, or if you are under 18, please do not download these stories. Read the Disclaimers.
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You can find more of Zzelami's writing at MaryD's The Bards' Corner


Classic Xena & Gabrielle 





This Little Dare DOC
Blind Faith Restored DOC
Slices Of Night DOC

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